Halloween 2010

Oct 28th - Oct 31st, 2010
at the Flandrau Science Center, University of Arizona

The SFN local chapter sponsored the Undergraduate Neuroscience Club at the UA which organized this year's booth. Children and adults of all ages were offered activities such as:
- A guided toour of the Brain Zoo,
- Using their sense of touch (no vision) to discover what was inside spooky boxes,
- Learning about the auditory, visual, somatosensory and 'thinking' parts of jello brains (and eating their favorites!),
- Learning about fear of small animals and being spooked by a remote-controlled uggly rat (in training),
- Learning about the neuroscience of fear (poster)

With many thanks to all the volunteers: Michelle Magana Mendoza (Club president), Emily DeWalt, Lilian Patron, Rachel Samson, Prajwal Mendon, Jessica Brittain, Sara Lewis, Bhaktee Dongaonkar, Laura Zambrano, Karen Putnam, Nadia Corral, Megan Fitzhugh, Ann Revill, Elizabeth Bukoski, Monica Xiong, David Lyttle, Hiba Khan, Samantha Doctor, Iris Charcos, and Dhruve Ringwalaall and of course everyone from the Flandrau center.


Sponsored by the Society for Neuroscience, Tucson Chapter.