Brain Awareness Week 2015

Saturday March 14th, 2015 : 9am - 6pm
Sunday March 15th, 2015: 9am - 6pm

Brains Work On the Mall !!

Brain Awareness Week is an international initiative to advance public awareness about the progress and benefits of brain research.
As with last year we took advantage of a wonderful opportunity for neuroscience outreach that was offered by the fortuitous timing of the UA Book Festival, which was held on the UA Mall on March 14th and 15th. An estimated 100,000 visitor attended. The festival put together a Science City tent, and we had a spot in it for a "Brainworks" exhibit.
The booth had a variety of activities designed to be attractive to people from little to adult, including prism glasses and visual adaptation, a brain zoo including a human brain, a taste-vs-smell jelly bean game, some somatosensory tests, a hands-on test of your reflexes and a kid corner. The booth had some reading materials from the Dana Foundation and the SFN. We had more than 50 volunteers helping this year, and we estimate that more than 1600 people stopped by our stations in the course of the two days!

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Many thanks to all the volunteers! Dr. Wulfi Gronenberg, Dr. Tally Largent-Milnes, Dr. Erika Eggers, Dr. Hong Lei, Cass Faux, Kathe McGrath, Janet Hawley, Chelsea Bayley, Andrew Demarco, Jenna Lochner, Mara Goodman, Genesis Arizmendi, Katie Zeiger, Benjamin Schiedermayer, Nicole Sugino, Patty Jansma, Matthew Schmit, Ira Adler, David Andrew, Geraldine Longo, Daniel Shammas, Lindsey Crown, Samer Masri, Avery Russell, Lila Wollman, Stephanie Nagl, Cathy Tran, Jeulia Hernandez, Dylan Hutchison, JungMin Kim, Krystal Jovel, Shivani Misra, Arnold Chaska, Bradley Neppi, Kendall Jarrett, Frida Escalante, Julie Charlton, Chantelle Figueroa, Anjelina Medibles, Sedona Coste, Travis Struck, Emily Estrada, Alexa Campanna, Stevena Herring, Victoria Villasenor, Ernesto Hernandez, Cory Sprott, Cherria Martin, Allie Saint-Paul, Kathryn Chung, Amy Nippert, Jessica Burkhart, Sneha Ray, Elisa Rodriguez, Alexa Meyer, Zoey Petitt, Abhi Umashankar, Carrie Edwards.
AND the neuroscience club volunteers: Bianca Kao, Brin Smith, Caitlyn Portillo, Colin Potter, Dyana Muller, Genevieve Patterson, George Barnum, Grace Samtani, Hannah Kreinbrink, Nyssa Burdick, Rebbecca Brena.

This year's event was sponsored by the Cognitive Science Program. With support from The Dana Foundation: Brain awareness week

Jean-Marc Fellous and Lynne Oland

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