Brain Awareness Week 2013

Saturday March 9th, 2013 : 9am - 6pm
Sunday March 10th, 2013: 9am - 6pm

Brains Work On the Mall !!

Brain Awareness Week is an international initiative to advance public awareness about the progress and benefits of brain research.
As with last year we took advantage of a wonderful opportunity for neuroscience outreach that was offered by the fortuitous timing of the UA Book Festival, which was held on the UA Mall on March 9th and 10th. An estimated 100,000 visitor attended. Bio5 has put together a Science Pavilion, and we had a spot in it for a "Brainworks" exhibit.
The booth had a variety of activities designed to be attractive to people from little to adult, including prism glasses and visual adaptation, a brain zoo including a human brain and a human spinal cord (cauda equina), a taste-vs-smell jelly bean game, some somatosensory tests, a hands-on test of your reflexes and a kid corner with coloring and make-your-own neuron activities. The booth had some reading materials from the Dana Foundation and the SFN. We had more than 50 volunteers helping this year, and we estimate that more than 1500 people stopped by our stations in the course of the two days!

Many thanks to Patty Jansma for taking the pictures.
Thanks to all the volunteers: Ira Adler, Stephanie Alonso, Tareq Alsamarh, Valeria Andrade, Georgia Behrend, Arri Bertram, Kelly Carmody, Marina Cholanian, Stephen Cowen, Samantha Doctor, Ross Ferreter-Smith, Bagambhrini Gerace, Yarah Ghotmi, Katalin Gothard, Molly Grolton, Erin Hartnet, Jon Hayashi, Ren He, Jacqueline Henley, Jamil Hijazi, Kyle Hornung, Megan Huynh, Eric Janezic, Patty Jansma, Kaylyn Jones, Krystal Jovel, Cheyanne Kelly, Terra Kuhn, Hong Lei, Sara Lewis, Zachary Lowing, Saul Macias, Sarah MacNamee, Reece Mazade, Rianne Michael, Mike Miller, Melissa Milan, Julia Milet, Johnnie Moore-Dotson, Lucia Morvay, Bradley Neppl, Eva Nichols, Casandra Nyhuis, Nicole Quintus, Matthew Reyes, Will Roddy, Avery Russell, Nickie Seto, Roya Simaie, Travis Struck, Monica Tang, Janet Teodori, Cathy Tran, Nicole Tsinajinnie, Anthony Vicenti, Jeremy Wright, Jingxing Wu and Monica Xiong. Many thanks to the staff of Bio5 (Daphne Gilman, Sarah Mancini) and all their volunteers.

This year's event was sponsored by Bio5. With support from The Dana Foundation: Brain awareness week

Lynne Oland and Jean-Marc Fellous

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