Brain Awareness Week 2008

Thursday March 13th : 9am - 3pm
Friday March 14th : 9am - 3pm and 6pm - 9pm
Saturday March 15th : noon - 4pm

at the Flandrau Science Center, University of Arizona

Download the flyer in English, or in Spanish

Brain Awareness Week is an international initiative to advance public awareness about the progress and benefits of brain research. The scientific community at the University of Arizona has organized activities at the Flandrau Science Center to educate school children and the general public about how the brain works.
The activities included a brain zoo, brain coloring and puzzle activities, perceptual games and illusions to demonstrate how different senses work and adapt, along with a lie detector station to show how the autonomic nervous system influences physiological responses during questioning. Activities were varied and suitable for all including school children ages 5 to 16.
According to the Flandrau's front desk, about 400 children (ages 5-16) and 100 adults of all ages stopped by our exhibits during the course of the 3 days.

Brain Research at the University of Arizona: Slide Show (must have Flash Player). Powerpoint slides are here.

Some pictures: Day 1
Some pictures: Day 2am, and Day 2 eve
Some pictures: Day 3
-All pictures in a slide show (must have Flash Player)

With many thanks to all the volunteers: Thalia Bragg, Nadia Corral-Frias, Anne-Marie Cziko, Penny Dacks, Bhaktee Dongaonkar, Robert Gibboni, Lan Hoang, Bethany Jones, Thabelo Khoboko (our fearless organizer), Christopher Laine, Jeff Lochhead, Nate McMullen, Clayton Mosher, Zaneta Navratilova, Jeremy Oulton, Jason Pilarski, Ann Revill, Aaron Tesch, Alex Thome, Prisca Zimmerman, and of course our friends from the Flandrau center: Chay Dahill, Mark Jackson and Matthew Wenger.


Organized by the Society for Neuroscience, Tucson Chapter, (Thabelo Khoboko and Jean-Marc Fellous) with support (financial and otherwise) from:

The Dana Foundation: Brain awareness week
The Society for Neuroscience: Brain awareness week
The Psychology Department
The Cognitive Science Program