Neuroscience Resources

Below are some useful links to Neuroscience resources that could help you learn more about Neuroscience. You are welcome to try them out, but be careful: like TV, radio or other communication media, the web has its drawbacks:

  • Because it is free, and unsupervised, you are not ensured of the quality of the information you retrieve. Because you find it on the web does not mean it is true or correct. Virtually anybody (even you!) can have web pages on anything. Use your judgment in a critical manner, and do not hesitate to get the same information from different web sources, or different media sources altogether.
  • Because it is very popular, the internet is sometimes overloaded. Some pages including a lot of graphics and text might be extremely slow to get. Just be aware...
  • Because it is distributed around the world, and used by millions of people every day, the web changes continuously. Some computers may change their addresses, the people maintaining your favorite web-pages might quit their jobs... Links may not be always valid. Browsing the web involves sometimes trying many addresses out, looking for information somewhere else, do searches ... All together, this activity is called 'web-surfing'. Be aware, it can be very TIME CONSUMING!

    However, the web can be a wonderful tool, if you know how to use it. If you find other useful links, please let us know, and we will include them here.
    Here are some useful neuroscience links.
  • Happy Web-Surfing to You!

    General Links:

    Links to Some Educational Resources:

    Links to Some Brain-related Atlases on the Web:

    Links to Some Journals, and Their Latest Issues:

    Links to Organizations (not Educational) Related to Neuroscience Research:

    Links to informations about possible careers in neuroscience-related fields:

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