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Of Particular Interest

  • Emotional and Intelligent II: The tangled knot of social cognition.
  • Dates: November 2-4, 2001, North Falmouth, MA. Part of AAAI 2001.

  • Third International Workshop on Intelligent virtual Agents
  • Dates: September 11-12, 2001, Madrid, Spain.

  • Approaches to Creativity in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science.
  • Dates: July 31, 2001. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Part of the Fourth International Conference on Case Based Reasoning (ICCBR'01) Simon Fraser University at Harbour Centre.

  • Workshop on Attitude, personality and emotions in user-adapted interaction.
  • Dates: July 13-17, 2001, Sonthofen, Germany.

  • Representing, Annotating, and Evaluating Non-Verbal and Verbal Communicative Acts to Achieve Contextual Embodied Agents
  • Dates: May 29, 2001, Montreal, Canada. Part of The Fifth International Conference on Autonomous Agents.

  • Symposium on Emotion, cognition, and affective computing. part of AISB2001.
  • Dates: March 21-24th 2001, University of York, United Kingdom.

  • L'art, la pensee et les emotions (art, thoughts and emotions). Rencontres Musicales Pluridisciplinaires 2001.
  • Dates: March 16, 17, 2001, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon, France.

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  • International Workshop on Affect in Interactions: Towards a New Generation of Interfaces
  • Dates: 20th - 21st October 1999, Siena, Italy. In conjunction with AC'99, Annual Conference of the EC I3 Programme

  • Pain and Consciousness: Interfacing On Common Issues.
  • Dates: August 28 - 30, 1999, at the Interalpen Hotel Tirol, Innsbruck (at the village of Seefeld), Austria

    Dates: Dec 8-10, 1997. Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas.
    Conference Chair: Prof. H Adeli, Ohio State University.

            Session Chair: Jean Arcady-Meyer, E.N.S. France.
    Dates: Nov 24-28, 1997.Dunedin/Queenstown, New Zealand

            Chair: Nikola Kasabov, University of Otago.

    Of General Interest

             Dates: February 13-18, 1997, Seattle, Washington

             Dates: March 2-5, 1997, North Carolina
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